Integrative Psychiatry and Functional Medicine

At the core of Integrative Psychiatry is the concept of biochemical individuality. A wealth of research data supports the conclusion that psychiatric illness involves biochemical and metabolic abnormalities that influence mood and behavior. Laboratory data and imaging confirm that the anatomy of the brain and the integrity and connectivity of neurons is different in individuals with all types of mental health conditions, suggesting that specific and measurable biomarkers exist. Symptom severity manifests in highly variable forms and degrees of brain dysfunction due to single or combinations of nutrient deficiencies. 

Standardized markers for mental health seem tenuous because mental illness is not a single disease. Furthermore, symptom type and severity within each condition, such as in depression or schizophrenia, often vary significantly by nature and degree. There is not one diagnostic test or clear-cut treatment protocol that applies to every person.

Conscious Healing and Consulting® explores the concepts of storytelling and reflection, with the unique demands-and rewards that come from working in partnership with other individuals. A distinct component of this reflective process is inter-personal and intra-personal dialogue, and the construction of self-knowledge and shared meanings through relationships. Participants are introduced to the participatory action research process and begin to explore potential ideas for research topics while learning about a variety of research methodologies. Participants are also encouraged to infer personal theories from their reflections in order to be the authors of that experience. 

Our approach provides new knowledge from depth psychology, social work, integrative psychiatry, and functional medicine fields to uncover the unique archetypal meanings associated with mental health conditions. We use a combination of therapies and lifestyle changes to treat and heal the whole person. Education and resources are provided through an archetypal numinous attachment informed lens to increase relaxation and gently promote self-care for the mind, body and soul. 

The growing scientific and medical evidence-based and sophisticated tools underlying this approach provide objective, valid treatment targets that can be measured, compared, and monitored. Comprehensive assessments may show one or multiple components out of balance, but reversing nutrient deficiencies and restoring neurotransmitter balance can resolve symptoms and improve the efficacy of our treatment modalities. With these integrative psychiatry and functional medicine tools, our approach provides an equally new and objective way of treating clients with the goal of long-term recovery. 

Together with the Archetypal Numinous in Prenatal Attachment© framework, our approach enhances the overall state of psychological well-being and neurological functioning in clients. We view this process as a personal journey through which anyone can deepen an understanding of their health condition and lifestyle through archetypal numinous experiences. We have the knowledge and tools to understand and utilize the concepts of integrative, functional, and orthomolecular medicine. We provide objective personalized treatment plans that alleviate the pain and anguish of mental illness. We have redefined the outdated model of contemporary psychiatry to steer mental healthcare in a revolutionary new direction. Our inspirational treatments are a collaborative partnership with clients and a foundation for overall healing.

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