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Of all human experiences, the most precious is the desire to learn and grow through storytelling.

Is there 'something more' being brought into your life? 

What do you long for? 

We have yearnings placed deep within us for this purpose: Knowing

These longings at the core of the heart cannot be ignored, they must be explored perceptively. 

When we fall asleep at night, whether or not we realize it, 

We are guided by prenatal attachment symbols and meanings

We live at the heart of every developmental encounter.

Our relationships are inherent to us

We in whom there are feelings of deep loss, affinity, and hope

We love at the heart of our sacred unity.

Longing for these tender moments

And searching for self-discovery in truth 

We transform through fear and darkness

Our hearts united as One people.

In the swirl of life and chaos, I invite you to breathe. Be still and meditate on this loving affirmation: 

"May God's grace be fulfilled at the center of my heart in differing holy moments for all human kinds."

Author - Danielle Burns (Copyright©, 2019, All Rights Reserved)

Differing Holy Moments® is a multimedia art studio that specializes in researching the biological, cultural, and social aspects of beauty and how they are perceived by individuals and groups in community settings. We specialize in the research, development, and production of multimedia projects for health intervention, prevention, and educational purposes.

We bring consciousness to important issues through the power of healing, storytelling, and community action research to transcend obstacles and renew lives. Featuring interactive art exhibits, pop-up talks, speeches, and healing arts performances, these showcases present the dynamics of healthcare stigma and disability situated in the array of attachment-oriented images, narratives, and archetypal motifs. 

First, we introduce and discuss approaches, strategies, and data collection methods relating to community action research. Students consider how to select the suitable methodology for use in a study to be done. Additionally, these students learn how to collect data based on different methods, construct these tools, and test them before they become ready for use. Finally, we explain the requirements for an academic work, considering aspects related to sciences, writing style, and lay-out. To culminate this final stage, students learn to write a complete research proposal that may be conducted in the future. 

Simultaneously, we bring awareness to unconscious feelings that influence individual learning, behavioral, cognitive, and personality development. Our studio brand is designed for curious minds and a variety of cultural audiences. It creates a space for participants to explore the curated content, expert creativity, storytelling, and clinical perspectives in ways that help them learn and grow independently, while also encouraging them spiritually and psychologically.

Overall, research participants and students learn to accomplish the following goals:

1.) Deepen personal, vocational, educational, and cultural insights through research;

2.) Develop new skills and abilities through vocational goals;

2.) Honor historical approaches to restoring justice and sustaining relationships;

3.) Apply learning concepts to a wide variety of events, professions and activities.

Depth psychology is devoted to the perspectives of Sigmund Freud, C. G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, and James Hillman. It educates individuals, groups, and families to better understand their life circumstances, vocations, and communities through the lenses of Jungian theory, projective analysis, and universal life meanings. 

Each participant discerns an area of passion or interest while engaging in particular activities that deepen their understanding. We view these areas as dialogical collaborations with other people to deepen insights, while encouraging growth and exploration in chosen areas of development. Close attention is given to the historical, cultural, and ecological frameworks that bring participants to the research process. Participants also learn to witness, observe, and reflect on the images, feelings, knowledge sources, attitudes, and ideas that arise through their personal engagement and growth experiences. 

Furthermore, participants take part in heuristic inquiries to inform their development of new vocational goals, decisions, and ideas. By exploring this vital intersection between the arts and sciences in such multisensory works as, portraiture, narrative inquiry, heuristic inquiry, poetry, music, singing, and songwriting, we teach participants and students to craft their own powerful stories for private and educational events, and public showcases.

Conscious Healing and Consulting, Danielle Burns, Depth Psychologist® Danielle Burns (Copyright©, 2019, All Rights Reserved)

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