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Conscious Healing and Consulting

"Everything changes. All roads lead to an end. Yet here on the sea of the setting sun, you can experience the bliss of movement and never say goodbye. With the wind at your side, swaying to the currents of life, you can listen to velvety skies whispering, inviting you to pause and reflect along this lover’s isle. Conscious Healing and Consulting facilitates new levels of empowerment, growth, and awareness using techniques rooted in wisdom traditions of the heart and other ways of knowing. While we can't change difficult situations in your past, we will work together to better understand your present circumstances for a more meaningful life. Why not slow down and set yourself free. Let the wonders of your heart, soul, and imagination set sail, for a change."  Love, Psyche and Soul on

Conscious Healing and Consulting, Heart-centered therapy for the mind, body and soul.™ explores the concepts of storytelling and reflection, with the unique demands-and rewards that come from working in partnership with other individuals. A distinct component of this reflective process is inter-personal and intra-personal dialogue, and the construction of self-knowledge and shared meanings through attachment relationships. Participants are introduced to the participatory action research process and begin to explore potential ideas for research topics while learning about a variety of research methodologies. Participants are also encouraged to infer personal theories from their reflections in order to be the authors of that experience. 

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A research product of Danielle Nicole Burns, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Incorporated

The Conscious Healing and Consulting, Danielle Burns, Depth Psychologist

"Here, I refer to the term 'same image' is an irreducible manifestation that cannot be expressed by anything other than itself and as an indistinguishable likeness favored by a woman although associated with any gender overall...Through the appearance of 'same image,' one can navigate the individuation process through the mythological life journey, being re-born and developing one’s own significant image or identity. This identity is the archetype of Sophia existing outside the scope of the pregnant psyche resulting in a self-object need and embodied experience of numinosity." Danielle Burns, Conscious Healing and Consulting

Danielle Burns, Depth Psychologist™ are professional research consultants who specialize in the application of heuristic inquiries, the creation of participatory action research, and the development of teaching programs in the humanities, arts, behavioral, and social sciences. Consultants bring symbolic understanding through teaching, music, art, and film for Jungian, archetypal, psychoanalytic, and phenomenological self-improvement purposes. Their clinical inquiries explore functional behaviors and evolutionary processes, and how such behaviors affect consciousness development in human beings through attachment relationships.

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A research product of Danielle Nicole Burns, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Incorporated

Differing Holy Moments

"Many life experiences are fascinating and awe-inspiring, connecting us to something larger to ourselves or to experiences of joy and wonder. Here, the miraculous is felt within the inner workings of self-awareness, having the potential to shift a prefatory way of being into a deep instinctual relationship with the natural and imaginary world. The unique intrinsic meaning to which each person characterizes these significant moments accounts for the possibility of there being “something more” and is distinctly based on individual experience. Host, Danielle Burns, explores the gifts of inner wisdom that validate and orient one’s perception of psychological, spiritual, and creative phenomena. To explore this realm of understanding is to delve into Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes, the essential lens through which each person instinctively and intuitively confronts unconscious self-aspects through pivotal and life changing experiences, and connections with numinous material."  Love, Psyche and Soul on

Differing Holy Moments™ is a studio brand where participants learn about their connection with archetypal numinous experiences (ANE) and other personal encounters through a collection or exhibition of items on display. An ANE is twofold: 1.) it is an event where an archetypal image spontaneously appears in the participant's psyche and produces intense sensations, feelings, and behaviors, and 2.) it is a meaningful quality of worthwhile feeling or purpose when an archetype consciously assimilates in the participant's personality for psychological renewal, integration, and healing. 

The studio's method of inquiry aims to explore how ANEs relate to prenatal attachment self-meanings for curious minds and diverse participants. Featuring interactive art exhibits, pop-up talks, speeches, and healing arts performances, the studio presents the dynamics of trauma, injury, and healing situated in the array of attachment-oriented images, narratives, and archetypal motifs. 

Participants create objects to better understand their circumstances, vocations, and communities through the lenses of Jungian theory, psychological projection, and universal life meanings. They research the biological, cultural, and social wonders of lived experience and how individuals perceive them. They bring consciousness to important issues through the power of healing, storytelling, and portraiture to transform and renew insights. Also, they bring awareness to unconscious feelings that inform the development of the whole self while encouraging visitors to learn and grow through curated content to achieve better clinical outcomes.

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A research product of Danielle Nicole Burns, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Incorporated

Love, Psyche and Soult

"Staring red-eyed at the mirror in front of me, having spent another day and half of the night with my computer, I ask myself fundamental questions: Why radio? Why documentary? Answer: No other medium can provide me with more freedom of creation and investigation. It meets my urgent interest in reality and the desire for a 'musical' expression. The material is sound. And sound always surrounds us. And: I'm not so much interested in the description of stable situations, but in processes. Our medium is not space, but time; our stories are not glued to the ground, but have motion, life...That's why!" Helmut Kopetzky, German Author of Self-Portrait

Love, Psyche and Soul™ are radio and television documentaries featuring self-portrait narratives through an archetypal lens. The project aims to develop a broad understanding of Jungian analysis using multimedia art, music, spoken word, and film. Interviews, commentary, and sound pictures are presented using depth psychology approaches, and may include original music compositions, creative sound design, and traditional journalistic radio reporting to cover issues in greater depth. 

Mindful attention is given to experiences that inform the development of the whole self while also cultivating a caring presence and fullness of life that is grounded in love, compassion, and inner transformation. By exploring this vital intersection between the arts and sciences in such multisensory works as, writing, narration, choreography, theatre, music, and poetry, participants bring consciousness to important issues through the power of healing, storytelling, and participatory research to enhance the lives of listeners.

Differing Holy Moments: An Inquiry of the Archetypal Numinous in Prenatal Attachment

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