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Everything changes. 

All roads lead to an end. 

Yet here on the sea of the setting sun, you can experience the bliss of movement and never say goodbye. 

With the wind at your side, swaying to the currents of life, you can listen to velvety skies whispering, inviting you to pause and reflect along this lover’s isle. 

Conscious Healing and Consulting facilitates new levels of empowerment, growth, and awareness using techniques rooted in wisdom traditions of the heart and other ways of knowing. 

While we can't change difficult situations in your past, we will work together to better understand your present circumstances for a more meaningful life. 

Why not slow down and set yourself free. 

Let the wonders of your heart, soul, and imagination set sail;

For a change.

Danielle Nicole Burns, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Incorporated, is a professional corporation doing business as Differing Holy Moments® and Conscious Healing and Consulting, Danielle Burns, Depth Psychologist®.

Conscious Healing and Consulting, Danielle Burns, Depth Psychologist is a medical practice of healthcare providers who specialize in providing clinical social work treatment, services and resources in San Diego, California. We bring symbolic understanding through music, and art for Jungian analytic, community, and cultural healing purposes. We also create spaces to learn and discuss diverse mental health issues with curated content, expert speakers, and meaningful conversations around the world. 

Our forums educate teachers, healthcare providers, individuals, and families to better understand their patients, clients, cultures, and communities. Through healing stories and performances about health, poverty, treatment, and illness, these artworks give rise to the voices of those living with disability, while dismantling stigma, trauma, and discrimination in diverse settings. 

Listen to a sample of one radio documentary project at VoiceAmerica.com from the book, "Differing Holy Moments: An Inquiry of the Archetypal Numinous in Prenatal Attachment©.

An Excerpt from Gifts of Inner Wisdom on Love Psyche and Soul©

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Radio Show

Hello and welcome to our first episode on Gifts of Inner Wisdom...

I am so excited to begin this new journey with you and I want to spend this special time getting you acquainted with who I am and what we’ll explore together on the show. 

I work as a college educator and licensed psychotherapist in San Diego, California. 

In my spare time, I also enjoy writing poetry, creating gifts of healing through music and voice, and traveling the world to explore various regions and cultures.  

What has been an area of personal curiosity, passion, and research for me is the archetypal experience of both healing and knowing.

For many years, I had the privilege of studying archetypal experiences from a depth psychological perspective as a doctoral student at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. I also encountered some unique archetypal experiences in my personal journey. 

My story of becoming a mother and the momentous changes I endured were primarily introspective explorations of this nature and their transformative elements. 

These insights in particular have grown into a desire to deepen the meaning of archetypal experiences in my life and work as a clinician and researcher of other people’s stories.

So that you understand, archetypal experiences are characterized as sacred or mysterious encounters.  Life is not static, but a complex interweaving of differing holy moments and searches for quintessence in the deep, vast territory of self-meanings, awareness, and understanding of the human experiences that lead to sources of wholeness and well-being.

Therefore, the nature of this work is about exploring gifts of inner wisdom...

Throughout our journey together, we will use wisdom traditions of the heart and imagination to cultivate a caring presence and fullness of life that is grounded in love, compassion, creativity, and inner transformation.

Many life experiences and transitions are challenging, fascinating, and awe-inspiring, connecting us to something larger to ourselves or to experiences of joy and wonder. 

Here, the miraculous is felt within the inner workings of self-awareness, having the potential to shift a prefatory way of being into a deep instinctual relationship with the natural and imaginary world. 

The unique intrinsic meaning to which each person characterizes these significant moments accounts for the possibility of there being “something more” and can provide an intra-psychic mode of meaning that is distinctly based on individual experience. 

This process of becoming is a journey that each person does not enter alone, but is accompanied by one’s imagination. This is the essential lens through which we will instinctively and intuitively confront unconscious self-aspects through pivotal and life changing experiences. 

In my opinion, each individual has a very unique way of achieving wholeness, self-understanding, or awareness through archetypal experiences. 

Today, I will share with you a story of my own. So, now let us begin...

"Attributed to the spirituality of Zen Buddhism is the long-told story known as the “flower sermon”. During this story, Buddha is said to hold within his grasp a delicate flower and with patient, gentle focus and no words, a sermon is delivered to his disciples. While several of Buddha’s disciples were lost as to the meaning of his sermon, still one walked away having uncovered its true essence, a revelation etched within the flower itself secretly revealed to the one who held it. 

As demonstrated by the Buddha’s sermon, flowers have the potential to transmit ineffable messages of wisdom, revelation, and becoming to a chosen few, without the use of words. In particular, I found myself placed among the minority of seekers and appreciators of nature’s ethereal beauty - a timeless vessel of awakening in spiritual tradition, folklore, and on a more recent note, personal life experiences.

My appreciation for flowers began in childhood, an innocence met and chosen by the radiant essence of the lily. In folklore, the lily holds several meanings - hope, faith, birth, passion and becoming. In one such Greek tale, Zeus desires for his son, Hercules, to become a god. So, he lulls is wife, Hera, into a deep sleep, while invoking the god of Somnus. He then instructs Hercules to drink milk from Hera’s breast. Only to Hercules’ surprise, the milk does not empty, eventually spilling over into the Milky Way, the remainder of which seeds the development of beautiful white lilies on earth. 

Given the story’s concentration on the lily as a symbolic representation of fertility, birth and renewal, there is much to consider in terms of the way the lily takes form within one’s personal life. Honoring this message meant to once again hold the lily within my own grasp, as did the Buddha within his sermon. 

Thus, holding the image of the lily within my mind’s eye, I envisioned a tall, slender flower, erupting out from the soil, succumbing to the weight of its branches, the tips of which had buds and blooms that exploded with pink and burgundy hues. 

I observed the flower within my mind’s eye as it gently leaned toward the direction of the spring sun and swayed to the rhythmic pattern of the wind as it came and went. I surrendered to the wind’s tune, in sync with the flower. I moved to the rhythm of time…of deeper, more spiritual calling…an inner beauty long forgotten…still buried within the soil of my past. 

I took another breath, emptied my mind’s contents and refocused my attention on the flower, now with ever more determination to uphold the essence of its meaning. I gazed at the flower until my eyes were no longer used as the primary focal tool. All other material in my peripheral vision faded away, but for a moment’s glimpse of the Spring sun, and my bodily senses joining me to capture the flower’s ethereal beauty. 

I began to see the flower from the perspective of its true essence, released of the movement, texture and form I applied to it. I noticed that it had its own beauty. I blinked my eyes, took a breath, and realized my own eternal beauty."

Danielle Burns

Concluding remarks...

I hope you enjoyed that story. As previously mentioned, my own experience of self-discovery has been about the momentous task of capturing and liberating glimpses of what was silently treading beneath the surface of the psychic landscape. 

First, I want to share more with you about the nature of the psychic landscape.

What the story demonstrated and emphasized was the self-evident expression of the human spirit, human body, and the role of flower imagery. A unique creative feature of this process is the holy body being paired with trees, blooming flowers, and the voluptuous curvature of hills. These images of nature symbolize the beauty of body and its creative process, and is highly archetypal in character. 

Aside from the above, it is worth noting that self-discovery processes take on a whole new meaning in the transition from an emotional experience to its telling. In such a way, these experiences facilitate the essential understanding of the symbols that dramatize and present a person’s inner world so that self-meaning and knowledge can be achieved. 

The intra-psychic mode of meaning weaved into self-discovery stories is useful to any person who gleans information from them.

For example, among the stories we hear, we can react to other people’s stories and experiences as if we encountered personally. These shared experiences transfer information and emotion deeply and powerfully, situating individuals contextually within the arc of the story so that both author and listener become strengthened by the guiding intelligence of the narrative. 

In such a way, self-discovery stories, like the ones we will explore on the show have a way of gratifying one’s yearning for affection and belonging as they bring together dynamic strands of tragedy, rebirth, voyage, and return for the co-creation of life meaning and purpose...

Tune in to "Love, Psyche and Soul, Gifts of Inner Wisdom" on VoiceAmerica.com or connect with us online to learn more.


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