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Differing Holy Moments is a depth psychology studio in San Diego, California affiliated with Danielle Nicole Burns, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Incorporated (80917) doing business as, "Conscious Healing and Consulting, Danielle Burns, Depth Psychologist."

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Corporation and Employment Development Department California (EDD) "Accredited Religious Practitioner," Danielle brings a soulful ambience to venues and special events. Performances are provided in virtual settings internationally. Clinical intervention involves an archetypal numinous experience (ANE), inclusive of singing, poetry, and chillout-lounge background music to facilitate a soothing and calming presence online and at the studio.

Danielle's unique specialties in child psychology, women’s psychology, media psychology, mythology, the arts, religious and critical studies paved the way for the exceptional value of Differing Holy Moments as a studio brand specializing in Depth Psychology for Jungian archetypal healing purposes.

Having developed a broad understanding of depth psychology approaches, Danielle brings symbolic understanding to teaching, television and radio, images, and religious artifacts, through storytelling, songwriting and archetypal numinous meaning,.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Minor in Social Work from San Diego State University, a Master of Social Work degree in Children, Youth and Families from California State University, Long Beach, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Depth Psychology, with an emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies, from Pacifica Graduate Institute. 

Danielle's online showcases are a festival of ideas for curious minds and cultural audiences. Featuring interactive exhibits alongside pop-up talks, and small group performances, her showcases bring to life new ideas for a diverse audience of individuals and groups through film, dance, art, music, stories, and drama.

Through sharing stories about health, wealth, wellbeing, and illness, these artworks give rise to the voices of those living with disability, while dismantling stigma and discrimination. These stories educate teachers, healthcare professionals, individuals, groups, and families to better understand their patients, clients, family members, vocations, and communities.

At Differing Holy Moments, we believe we have what it takes to explore what makes us individuals so that we can move forward united. Opening a space for the community to engage in meaningful, challenging, and urgent conversations about diversity, inclusion, spirituality, reconciliation, and all that it entails, helps us embrace new experiences while working together to build a more spiritually just and compassionate lifestyle. 

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