What Are Differing Holy Moments?

Of all human resources, the most precious is the desire to learn and grow through healing. Our wounds create in us a desire for what we seek to attain or connect with in our relationships with others. The ultimate concern of that reality produces a deep, deep longing.

A "differing holy moment" might have to do with yearning for a better job or for better health. It might have to do with finding the resources to pull ourselves out of a depressed mood, or to reconcile with someone whom we've wounded or who has hurt us. 

Within the scope of depth psychotherapy at Conscious Healing and Consulting, Danielle Burns, Depth Psychologist, and Differing Holy Moments ™️, we help bring awareness to past experiences that inform the development of the whole self while cultivating a caring presence and fullness of life that is grounded in deep psychological understanding. 

We regularly augment depth psychotherapy with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy integrates guided meditation with intense concentration and focus to achieve a heightened state of awareness - or trance - similar to being absorbed in one's own thoughts or visualizations. In that state, individuals turn their attention inward to discover resources for finding root causes of emotional difficulties.

We provide guided meditation ventures for settings including, but not limited to, hotels, spas, parties, conferences, business meetings, and corporate events. Guided meditation is a relaxation technique where one or more individuals meditate in response to the instruction of a trained practitioner, either in person or while listening to an audio recording. Research shows that guided meditation produces long-lasting health, happiness, and self-improvement in listeners.

Differing Holy Moments ™️ brings a soulful, benevolent ambience to venues and special events. Performances are provided in virtual settings internationally. Clinical intervention involves an archetypal numinous experience, inclusive of singing, poetry, and chillout-lounge meditation music to facilitate a soothing and calming presence internally at the studio.

We also provide exhilarating "talk show" entertainment and deep-house psycho-spiritual compositions to stimulate and thrill audiences worldwide.

Please contact Conscious Healing and Consulting, Danielle Burns, Depth Psychology and Differing Holy Moments ™️ for more information on the available production of depth psychology research or treatment services at the studio.

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